Onsite Activities

The River Valley Nature Reserve is not short of activities both onsite activities and offsite activities. Onsite activities range from bird watching, fishing, hiking, picnicking to family photo shoots.


The reserve offers well marked trails through riverine forests, coastal grassland and thickets, providing birders with over 130 different species to look for.There are also a number of dams attracting water birds. Some of the specials that can be seen are : African Crowned Eagles, African Fish Eagles, Black Sparrowhawk, African Harrier Hawk, Narina Trogon, African Finfoot, Purple and Knysna Turaco, Green Malkoha, Spotted Ground Thrush, Blue-Mantled Crested Flycatcher.

Fresh Water Fishing

Fresh water fishing for Bass and Tilapia can be done in one of the dams on the reserve We have a catch and release policy on the reserve.

Walking and Picnicing

A scenic, well marked, self guided walk is available on the reserve. The route passes through grasslands and Riverine forests with a number of viewpoints. Antelope such as Impala, Nyala, Grey and Blue Duiker can be seen. Should one feel a little more sedentary there are a number of scenic spots where one can relax and enjoy the surroundings whilst indulging in a picnic.

Family Photo Shoot

The reserve lends itself to magnificent backdrops for Family or Couple Photo shoots. Why not take the opportunity while your are away on holiday to record some of your memories with a professional Photo Shoot. These need to be booked in advance and are subject to availability and weather conditions being favorable.